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Home Appointments About Us Services Testimonials Our Garage Contact

Call: (626) 339-5649

Drop In: 239 E San Bernardino Rd #C Covina, CA 91723


Hendrickson Automotive is Dedicated to Keeping you Safe on the Road

We strive to be a Five-Star repair facility in Covina and the San Gabriel Valley. Our commitment to quality service has earned us consistently good reviews among members of our community.

Our experienced mechanics will keep your vehicle running in top condition. We use the latest automotive diagnostic technology to provide you with high quality service, and a very reasonable turnaround time. This gets you on the road with safety and confidence.

We specialize in the restoration and repair of cars and trucks. We are a repair and restore facility offering car restoration and repair services from factory upgrades like electrical system wiring, air conditioning, power steering to disc brakes.

Remember, restoration includes not only repair of the parts seen – the body trim, chrome, wheels, and the passenger compartment – but also the components that are not necessarily visible from the outside, and for which we specialize; the engine and engine compartment, frame, driveline, and parts like the brakes, accessories, engine cooling system, electrical system, etc.


We frequently use the following domestic part manufacturers:

We are experienced at using computerized engine diagnostics to quickly and accurately identify and treat whatever symptoms your automobile is exhibiting.

Emission testing services are available.

Partial List of Services

Restoration Services

With restoration projects, there are five important systems of the car that should be considered before having any paint and body work done:

1. Disc Brakes

One of the first modern upgrades you should consider is adding a new disc brake system. If your vehicle has outdated drum brakes all the way around, consider adding disc brakes to the front wheels. You’ll be adding modern stopping power to your ride and possibly increasing its value should you decide to sell at a future date.

When you invest in more modern technology, you’ll get modern stopping power that’s more effective than the original parts.

2. Suspension

There are about as many ways to upgrade your suspension as there are classic car styles and customizations, but no matter what kind of upgrade you choose, it’s likely to be better than stock.

3. Power Steering

Using too much muscle when steering your muscle or classic car? If power steering isn’t equipped on your vehicle, upgrading to a new rack-and-pinion power steering system can be a great investment.

4. Air Conditioning

Nothing adds more comfort to your ride than the cool breeze of an upgraded AC system.

5. Electrical Wiring

Restoring your vintage automobile includes careful inspection of the vehicle's wiring and electrical components. Over time, the wiring can become dried, frayed and result in a fire hazard. Restoring your vehicle's wiring system will provide a safe and trouble-free performance.

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